Changing Perceptions is deliberate in its supportive programs and environment to prevent returning citizens from committing crimes and reentering the prison system.

According to the National Institute of Justice, almost 44% of individuals released from prison return before the end of their first year. Virginia Department of Corrections and Maryland reported 23.1% and 40.5% recidivism rates, respectively.

However, Changing Perceptions has maintained a low recidivism rate among its participants. This is due to the organization’s partnership with the Department of Social Services at Gallaudet University and a generous grant by the District of Columbia Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants. These initiatives help navigate the barriers that traditionally confront and frustrate reentrants.

Moreover, Changing Perceptions is collaborating with national organizations to invest in programs that address the systemic issue of recidivism. The cost of recidivism to individuals, families, and communities is significant, hindering our society’s progress toward optimal productivity.


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current programs


Peer Mentorship Program

The Peer Mentorship Program is implemented by Changing Perceptions using a grant provided by the DC Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants.

The program offers supervised social work, peer mentoring, and case planning assistance to those recently released from prison. Upon release, each client receives a personalized case plan designed by a social worker.

The program is customized to meet the participant’s needs and encourages a collaborative approach between the participant, peer mentor, and licensed social worker.


supportive employment program

The Supportive Employment Program is an incredible initiative to help returning citizens gain the necessary skills and knowledge to secure and maintain employment.

This stipend-based workforce development program provides participants with job readiness training, skills-building, on-the-job training, and career coaching. The ultimate goal of this program is to help individuals who have been incarcerated or involved in the justice system to reintegrate into society by providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed in the workforce.

The program is designed to be comprehensive and tailored to the needs of each participant. With the help of the Supportive Employment Program, returning citizens can overcome the barriers that often prevent them from obtaining gainful employment and achieving their full potential.

new programs

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financial resources, education, and empowerment

The Financial Resources, Education, and Empowerment program (FREE) aims to provide comprehensive financial education to returning citizens.

By offering financial literacy courses, economic empowerment strategies, financial health insights, and financial wealth-building skills, we hope to empower participants to achieve financial stability and independence.

Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty and incarceration that many formerly incarcerated individuals face and to help them transform their lives for the better. 

we are working hard to end recidivism

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