changing perceptions - fighting to end recidivism

Breaking the chronic cycle of criminal activity for those returning from incarceration

Changing Perceptions is a nonprofit organization established to provide human services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals in the phases of pre-release and reentry. We offer guidance to overcome personal obstacles, build self-confidence, and develop valuable skills for traditional employment and everyday living.
We aim to develop programs to overcome obstacles that may hinder success, equip individuals with self-assurance and valuable job skills, and enable them to make positive contributions to society upon reentry.

Our Values

Respect and Dignity: We embrace each other for who we are, treat each other with care and kindness.

Trust and Accountability: We are reliable and honest partners, do what we say we will do, and do the right thing.

Empathy: We approach each other with compassion and strive to understand each others’ emotions and experiences.

Authenticity: We are who we are, bring our lived experiences to the work, and are committed to showing up for each other and our community.


Case Management and Social Work

We offer personalized support to navigate life’s challenges post-release. Our dedicated team ensures access to essential resources, from healthcare to legal guidance, tailoring solutions to each individual’s journey.

Peer Mentoring

Connect with mentors who’ve walked in your shoes. Our Peer Mentoring Program pairs you with individuals who have successfully navigated reentry, offering real-world advice, support, and inspiration

Job Readiness Training

Ready for the workforce? We provide comprehensive job readiness training, from resume crafting to interview skills, preparing you for your next career move with confidence

Financial Assistance

Facing financial hurdles? We’re here to help. Our financial assistance program supports essential needs like housing, food, and transport, easing your transition back into the community.

Social Support

You’re not alone. Our community offers a network of support, connecting you with groups and activities that foster a sense of belonging and shared experiences.

Community Outreach

Building bridges for a better tomorrow. We actively engage with the community, creating awareness and opportunities for collaboration, and celebrating the positive contributions of our members.

– what we do –

Our mission is to ensure the smooth reintegration and success of returning citizens in the Washington metropolitan area through hands-on and authentic mentoring, guidance, training, networking, and other supports and referrals to needed services.

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