there is never a better time than right now

make an impact!

Donations to Changing Perceptions directly affect the lives of those on the front-lines of fighting recidivism.  Your help provides shelter, food, technology and training, as well as the simple knowledge that people care, and want to see the thousands of those released from incarceration succeed. 

There is never a better time to donate than now!

How your Donation helps

Every day there are thousands of men and women released from incarceration.  Most of those released end up right back where they were.  At Changing Perceptions we are fighting recidivism.  We are fighting to make a change in society so those seeking a new life can move forward. 

Sadly, they cannot succeed without help.  Peer-support, quality housing, food, and employment are critical.  These are what we strive to offer every day.

Please know that your donation matters.  Large or small, it will make a difference.  And we need your help now.

your donation will

Help us secure additional, supportive housing.
Provide for much-needed technology and technology training.
Assist in providing subsidized employment for 90 days.
Provide a Grocery card immediately upon release.
Offer hope and support to someone at a crossroads in their life.

we are working hard to end recidivism

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