Hire From Our Champions


Changing Perceptions is focused on building a pathway to the middle class for our participants, not just getting any low-wage job. To that end, we focus on teaching transferrable skills or trades, or providing a path to entrepreneurship. The goal is that after 18 months in our program, every person will have a job or business earning >$30K annually, or in an apprenticeship learning the skills for a job that will pay significantly higher. Currently, these are the Changing Perceptions businesses our participants are learning in (and will one day spin off into their own businesses) or ones they have created themselves. Changing Perceptions (Commercial) Glass Production- Not a business most people will need to hire from, but if you ever get your window replaced, let the installer know you have the perfect business partner for them!



Landscaping and Event Services: Need your yard cleaned up, grass or sod installed, a
pressure washing, or any general labor around the yard? Or are you an event provider in need of some
staffing, clean-up, or trash/recycling containers? If so, contact our sister company at: www.cleandecisions.com


Changing Perceptions Car Detailing

Need your car looking brand new inside and out, and even getting cleaned out under the hood? If so, email us today!


Changing Perceptions Class Production Company
AM/PM Glass LLC, specializing in cutting flat & architectural glass, window installation, and window and screen repairs for residential and commercial projects. Hiring from AM/PM helps provide training opportunities. Visit them at: www.ampmglassllc.com


Pleasant Home & Office Assembly

A team of young professionals that provide best quality assembly services in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. We assemble all types of furniture such as IKEA and Wayfair, etc. We do it all! Contact us at 202.760.7978 or via email at Anthony@pleasantassembly.com


Apprenticeship Needs

Our team members want to build hard, marketable skills. If you could provide (paid or unpaid) training
in any of these areas, please let us know:


  • General contractor services, including skills needed to be on home remodeling teams
  • Bike technician, maintenance, and repair
  • Hood vent cleaning
  • Plumbing